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Lapidary & Jewelry Arts

Lapidary workshop - member at grinding wheelsEl Dorado County Mineral and Gem Society offers Lapidary Workshops and Jewelry Arts Classes.
rus, workshops cannot be scheduled at this time.

Note: Workshops are currently not being held.

LAPIDARY WORKSHOPS are usually held every week except during holiday periods. Participants in the lapidary workshops range from beginners to those of us who like to keep on learning and perfecting.

Lapidary Schedule: Workshops are held one evening each week, except during holiday seasons. 

Polished cabachonA two-class Certfication course is held for all beginning participants The covers lapidary techniques and equipment safety and use. Due to safety concerns, proper instruction on equipment use is mandatory for everyone who participates.

Members may sign up during general meetings or by email.

NOTE: We will be re-posting a contact link once we are able to resume our regular schedule. 


Jewelry Arts Classes include wire wrap, beading, wire crochet,Jewelry Arts Class Project and other jewelry construction techniques. These skills are applied to making unique pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Other projects include, obsidian needle wind chimes, soapstone carving and other arts. 

Members are encouraged to share their talents.

Classes are being held via Zoom due to the virus. The schedule is being announced by email and in the newsletter.
Jewelry Arts Schedule:
Classes are usually scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. However, dates are subject to change, especially at this time.

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